My title is Filandre Chanson D’amour, daughter of Champion Filandre Karesmamaclassic and Champion Karesama Filandreseranade and descendant of Grand Champions Rusella Sea SprayKaresama Moonlite Seranade, Lusara Charlie Brown, Typha Majik Lantin and Tanclogwyn Janagar Pegasus.

You may address me as Lola.

I was raised on the Filandre estate in Hampshire, and having fulfilled my duties to future generations by bearing two litters, have been sent from court to live with Mandy and Graham, based in Oxfordshire but also to be accompanied and tended by them on a summer canal campaign.

We shall be taking residence aboard narrowboat Urquhart Castle, also known as “the castle”. I have yet to see if the accommodations will meet my demanding standards, but I’m sure I’ll be making my voice heard if they do not. My needs are simple: warmth, food, warmth, a comfortable warm bed (or three), play-on-demand, a warm lap in the mornings and evenings, and constant attention.

I’m not sure if the campaign life will suit me.  I’ve just about got used to my new residence in Oxfordshire, with its big empty spaces and lack of rowdy siblings.  With the coming of spring, and the receding of that continuous nasty, cold, damp rain, I am starting to enjoy the freedom of the grounds, which I patrol each morning with one of my attendants.  At least I no longer need to compete for food.

We shall see how life continues to meet my modest needs and expectations.